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Here you can find various sites, projects, and skills that have added over the years. More will be added as additional work has been completed.


NetworkSolutions - Simple Workflow Assistance Tool (SWAT)

No link available; internal site

As being a web designer/developer at NetworkSolutions, I was assigned to take over and manage our design team's internal site that we created using PHP/MySQL/AJAX. The site was used for Account Managers (employees that directly speak with the customer on each individual project), supervisors, and designers. Users were able to add new projects into the system via this site, which created a project center for the customer where they could see updates and upload files for their project they purchased. Account Managers could add/edit the project info, mostly design ideas from the customer, and from there the project could be assigned to a designer by supervisor. The designer assigned to the project could view the data inputed by the customer and Account Manager and begin the site through the projects stages until completion.

I primarly added the new "customer to SWAT connection", as well as the ability to add site modifications to the system. This was a daily side task for me, as I constantly fixed and added new features to help everyone throughout the design departments.

NetworkSolutions Project Centers

NetworkSolutions Project Centers


The Project Centers were the customer-facing site of SWAT (see above), where the customer could view the status of their project and upload assets for their site to the designer. I primarly helped set up the inner workings of this portion of the site, added a Modifications Project Center and uploaded files list via XML so customers can see what files they uploaded at what time.

Home Buyers AdvantEdge Realty

Home Buyers Relocation Services


Home Buyers Relocation Services is a local real estate agency. Currently they have three sites for a specific regional area for homes. The sites are built using the Joomla platform and current work with this company has been making weekly to monthly updates including text, images, and development on specific needs to their company through each site.



2fort2furious Depot

2fort2furious Depot


2fort2furious Depot was created for the gaming community, 2fort2furious, which I have been a member of for the last 3 years. In July 2010, I was wanting to contribute something to everyone in the community. As we all primarly play the popular Online FPS, Team Fortress 2, I decided to create a PHP/MySQL/AJAX site for members to use to view maps, trade in-game items via trade lists and trade requests, polls, and user pages. This was made easier as the Team Fortress 2 team had created a API for the in-game items, which one could retrieve from their servers and parse it out to a website however they liked. It became a huge success and currently there is 144 members registered on the site. Various feedback from them allowed me to make major improvements and allowed me to provide item giveaways throughout the year.

2f2f Depot - Christmas Giveaway

2fort2furious Depot - Christmas Giveaway (2010)


2fort2furious Depot - Christmas Giveaway was created for my other site, 2fort2furious Depot, as the first giveaway. Items for the giveaway were from the game Team Fortress 2 and included registered members of the site being allowed to enter once per day. Each Friday during the event, a name was randomly selected and prize(s) were awarded. As a special gift, there was a hidden giveaway where you could enter everyday, but the drawing was held on the last day of the event.

2f2f Depot - Easter Egg Event

2fort2furious Depot - Easter Egg Event (2011)


2fort2furious Depot - Easter Egg Event was also created for my other site, 2fort2furious Depot, as the second giveaway. Items for the giveaway were from the game Team Fortress 2 again and included registered members of the site being allowed to enter once per day, but this time it was where they choose an egg with a number on it. Each day a randomly selected egg was chosen and all members who selected it recieved a prize. This was held each day during the event. As another special gift, there was a hidden giveaway also where if you actually found the hidden page on the main page and accessed it, you were automatically entered to win prizes at the end of the event.

TF2 Lists



TF2 Lists is my current project that I'm working on. It is based on the 2fort2furious Depot site, but will be open to all TF2 players. Users will have the ability to select their want and trade items from the game Team Fortress 2 and display them for use to others. they will also have the ability to select a specific trade they want from their "wishlist". TF2 Lists is supported with the Steam OpenID system, which the depot did not and includes various performance fixes from the depot's version.




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  • Jquery


  • Joomla
  • Photoshop
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